Vermifiltration is emerging as an environmentally sustainable, economically viable and socially acceptable technology all over the world.

The process harnesses the energy, carbon and other elements of the waste and converts them to precious "Bio-nutritional" products like energy rich humus, bio-fertilizer and nutrient rich water.

It uses the ability of the earthworms and beneficial microbes to break down organic waste present in the wastewater and transform it into worm-cast.


> The Technology is suitable for the treatment of wide range of waste waters:
    Household & Municipal Waste Water
    Dairy Industry
    Food Processing Units
    Slaughter Houses
    Wineries & Distilleries
    Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries etc.


Simple and easy operation
Low operating and maintenance costs
Low energy input
No sludge Formation
Aerobic & Hygienic process hence no odour
No pretreatment required for solids separation
Able to handle to high COD/BOD Load
All contaminants (dissolved and suspended) are converted into a valuable product.
Treated water is nutrient rich and natural way of fertigation for better agricultural prodcution and cost saving on artificial fertilizers.
Enabling the reuse of treated water for gerdening, landscaping, farming & other non-potable purposes.

Contact Person:
Mr Mandar Prabhune / Mr Rajendra Shah
(M) +91 8980010544