Irrigation Water Testing Kit

Water requirements for irrigation are by far the highest among various uses of fresh water. Irrigation is the key component to produce enough food for all life on earth. 90% of the plant weight is water, and it is one of the most limiting factors for plant growth. The suitability of an irrigant is judged on the basis of the soil properties, quality of water and salt tolerance behaviour of the crop in a particular climate.

Hence. testing the quality of water which will be used for irrigation will give an idea of the salts present in it and whether it is fit for farming or not.

Compact & Portable
Simple & User Friendly

Advantages of our kit:
Ease of use: No special training required.
On field testing: Save time and cost for transporting samples and results to and from the testing agency
Get instant results.
Has a long , stable shelf life


Parameters Tested:
Electrical Conductivity,