Soil Testing Kit

Soil provides the physical, chemical, and biological processes required to sustain most terrestrial plant and animal life. Crop production and its environmental effects depend on the quality of soil.

Soil quality determines how well the soil performs its functions.

This kit is for extension purpose only. This easy to use kit helps in providing an index of nutrient availability or supply in the soil and the basis of fertilizer recommendation for a given crop thereof. Unnecessary application of excess fertilizer can be avoided.

Features of Kit:
Compact & Portable
Simple & User Friendly
Tests for primary and secondary nutrients

Why test soil?
To provide an index of nutrient availability or supply in a given soil
To predict the probability of obtaining a profitable response to fertilizer application.
To provide a basis for fertilizer recommendations for a given crop.
To evaluate the fertility status of the soil and plan a nutrient management program.

Advantages of our kit:
Ease of use: No special training required.
On field testing: Save time and cost for transporting samples and results to and from the testing agency
Get instant results: Apply fertilizers accordingly
Has a long , stable shelf life

Soil Testing Kit has been Evalauted and Certified by :

  • Indian Institute of Soil Sciences (IISS, ICAR), Bhopal.
  • Gujarat Agriculture University, Anand.
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Krushi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Indore.
  • Assam Agriculture University, Jorhat.
  • SGS India, Mumbai.

Parameters Tested
Organic Carbon,
Nitrate Nitrogen,