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About Us

About Us

Transchem Agritech Pvt. Ltd. (TAPL) incorporated in 2004 is engaged in Soil, Water and Wastewater treatment Solutions.Our mission is to "strive for excellence and satisfaction through reliable supply of products, project and services".
The concept is "Design with Nature" how to work cooperatively with nature, while at the same time learning the tools of modern science.
trans Bio-Filter™ is a bed of organic material which supports hybrid eartworms and mocrobes that break down solids and converts it to carbon dioxide, water and nutrients
• it uses the ability of the earthworms and beneficial microbes (transzyme) to reduce contaminants present in the wastewater.
• it involves removal of toxic matter by adsorption and filtration followes by biological degradation and oxygen supply by natural aeration to the treatment system.
Our Research & development is working for the last 25 years for new innovations, applications as well as modification to constantly evolve our Award Winning, Patent Pending, Proprietary & Sustainable wastewater treatment solutions based on customer feedback.
We are proud to have a strong client base, and long term relationships which is coupled with attention to detail.We provide tailor-made solutions, which makes us the ideal choices for out clients.

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